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The Extraordinary Gift of Making Home

Those of us in the daily work of making home often suffer from warring voices.

We are right to enjoy looking at photos of beautiful spaces—but sometimes, scrolling through Pinterest curries envy in our heart, and just makes us work harder to project a blameless image.

On the other hand, we can all use reminders that it’s O.K. to live real, messy life in our spaces—but sometimes, we use those expressions of solidarity to justify our unwillingness to take care of ourselves and our possessions.

What if we, as Makers of Space, stopped boggling between a focus on unachievable perfection and an acceptance of inevitable chaos? What if instead we chose to focus on the sacred middle ground: pouring love into our space, whatever form that takes?

Because here’s the truth: Man or woman, boy or girl, whoever invests their time, energy, and care into their living space gives a profound gift to all who enter—including themselves.

Think of the difference in clarity of mind you feel between entering a dirty kitchen and entering a clean one: washing dishes is a gift.

Think of the rest that’s possible in a room that’s not busy and full of distractions: clearing clutter is a gift.

Think of the creativity and big ideas that can explode into the world when tools of your trade are readily at hand: creating work space is a gift.

Think of the difference that color, pattern, and texture can make on your comfort and mood: arranging space in a way you find beautiful is a gift.

Acknowledging these truths can be difficult, because all of us sometimes (or often) fail to do these things well. But we cheat ourselves out of achieving a goal well worth pursuing if we decide the pursuit doesn’t matter. Because it does matter—our space matters. It affects us directly every day.

And so, day in and day out, through our seasons, cycles, and rhythms, we have the choice to influence our space and therefore the lives of those around us.

It won’t ever be perfect—and it will often be chaotic—but whenever we pour love into our surroundings, we are still giving (and receiving) a gift.


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