Rhythmic Living

Welcome to Their Courses Above

As human beings, we are drawn inevitably into rhythms.

Sleeping and waking, working and resting, eating and fasting, sowing and reaping. Sun, moon, and stars all dance through their rhythms, and so do we.

If we ignore our need for routines, for pauses, for rests and repetitions, we grow weary. We become overwhelmed and disillusioned.

And when the things we repeat are toxic to us, when behaviors that hurt us and our family slip (as they so easily do) into our routines and our rhythms, they derail us from living as we ought, and want to.

What we aim at matters. What we give our attention to matters. Every tiny thing in our life matters—especially the tiny things that require our repeated attention.

Please join me as I explore what healthy rhythms look like and search out ways that even as broken people living imperfect lives, we can point the course of our seasons and cycles at the things that matter most.


I’m so glad you’re here.

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